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The Yakima Astronomical Society (YAS) serves the Central Washington State area of the USA. The original Yakima Valley Astronomy Club was formed in January 1990 by Mac Knight and Larry Bresson. In January 2003, the name was changed to Yakima Astronomical Society. The original group grew out of a mirror grinding class Mac and Larry put on at the Hoover Elementary School, using funds from the Ridgeview PTA. The club evolved from there, growing to about 20 members at its peak. The YAS currently consist of a small group of amateur astronomers that actively observe the night sky in the Yakima area.

Click for Yakima, Washington Forecast We typically start observing the Messier objects in March. Print our Messier check sheet for help in observing these objects. Enjoy our Clear Sky Chart and Underground Weather link for Yakima on this page. Also included is a list of the planet positions at the beginning of each month and the current star parties planned around the area. If you are interested in astronomy and would like to observe the night sky, read the next paragraph on how to begin your celestial journey.

Special Section For New Astronomers

Many of you may want to enjoy the splendor of the night sky and learn more about where the constellations and planets are located. Begin your journey with binoculars or naked eye and a simple planisphere or a planetarium program for your computer like the free Stellarium, great for the beginner, easy to use. A more advanced free planetarium program is Cartes du Ciel, which has a steeper learning curve. If you want a good planetarium app for your smartphone, try Starmap for the iPhone or iPad and Skymap for the Android phone. If you want a good basic telescope to start with, the classic Dobsonians from Orion are very popular. Read Sky & Telescope's Getting Started in Astronomy. As you become more acute in your night time studies, a good star atlas can be helpful. The Astronomical League Observing Clubs are a good place to start if you're looking for a list of things to observe. Visit Sky & Telescope's observing page for fun things to look at during this week. Helpful tip - always carry a red beam flashlight when around astronomers at night, don't use white light flashlights or take flash pictures. It will ruin your's and anyone else's night vision that is nearby. Great for reading star charts at night.

YAS is affiliated with the Astronomical League. Click here for a visit to their website..

As the YAS continues serving the local interest in amateur astronomy, this web page will keep everyone updated on the latest activities involving astronomy in the Yakima area. I have included some additional sites in the Links Map of interesting and fun things to see and do with astronomy. We also have a pull-down JavaScript menu below with Northwest astronomy clubs and links.

If you would like to receive our free electronic newsletter, send your name and email address to our Newsletter Editor. Contact President, Martin Dukeshire for additional information about the Yakima Astronomical Society.

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YAS News & Events

Yakima Astronomical Society

If anyone needs to contact the Yakima Astronomical Society, please use one of the email addresses listed above.

We will update "The Planets This Month" and any important upcoming astronomical events or observing sessions in this section of our web page.

Clear skies everyone.

Summer Star Parties & Events

No Star Parties at this time.

The Planets This Month
(in order of appearance)

Planetary positions in Yakima for May 1st.

New Moon is May 18th.

Meteor Showers: Eta Aquarids shower is May 5th and 6th

Sunrise on May 1st is at 5:48 am.

Sunset on May 1st is at 8:12 pm.

Uranus rises dim in the East at 5:00 am.

Neptune rises dim in the East at 3:45 am.

Mars Is bright in the West at Sunset.

Mercury Is bright in the West above Mars.

Venus is bright in the Southwest at Sunset.

Jupiter is bright in the South at Sunset.

Saturn rises bright in the East at 21:48 pm.

Note: Exact rise & set times depend on your horizon.

Clear Sky Chart
Click on the Sky Chart for additional information about how it works.

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