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Mt Howard Royal Purple Overlook

Pauletta and I on 8200′ Mt Howard in the Wallowa’s in June 2015, after taking the tram ride up.

I’m Bruce Perrault and live West of Yakima (Naches Heights), Washington where my wife Pauletta and I are now retired. We closed Precise Engine Repair, our small engine business in June 2013.

We enjoy camping during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. I also enjoy hiking, photography and astronomy, often combining  these hobbies with camping trips. I have my favorite places to wander and make pictures and really enjoy native wildflowers. With these, timing is everything, here today, gone tomorrow. Many of the wildflowers are in bloom less then a week and the Spring winds and frost can be hard on them. I grew up near the Rattlesnake Hills in the Yakima Valley (Outlook) and my wanderings also took me into the high mountains, mostly in the Goat Rocks, William O Douglas and Norse Peak wilderness areas of Central Washington. In 1972 we moved to Naches Heights, which has many hiking opportunities close by. We raised our family and lived our working life in apple country. In 2016, after looking for a good place to retire too, we decided to build a small Pan Abode Cedar home on property that we have owned for 30 years on Cowiche Creek and enjoy the natural beauty and solitude it brings.

Places I enjoy are the Cowiche Canyon – Snow Mountain Ranch – Rocky Top area and the Oak Creek Wildlife Area near Yakima, along with the shrub-steppe areas East of Ellensburg for Spring wildflowers. Also the mountain areas around Cash Prairie / Bethel Ridge and Meeks / Devils Table areas, as we progress into early Summer. The wilderness areas already mentioned above during the Summer months.

wildflowers - grass widow

Grass Widow along Rocky Top Trail

The image of us was taken in June 2015 on a trip to the Wallowa mountains of Oregon. The second image is of a Grass Widow, taken in March 2013, along the Rocky Top Trail on Cowiche mountain and the Glacier Lily was taken on Bethel Ridge.

I have added some NextGEN WordPress galleries starting in 2014 of places Pauletta and I have visited and camped in our retirement. These can be accessed via a drop down menu when you hover your mouse over PHOTO GALLERIES.

For those wanting to know the camera details. Prior to 2006, I used a Fuji S602Z (3mp) and from 2006 through 2008, a Pentax *ist DL (6mp). Starting in 2009, a Nikon D80 (10mp) with a Sigma 50mm macro lens. In August 2013, I upgraded to a Nikon D5100 (16mp) and use the same Sigma macro lens or the 18-55mm for wildflowers. I also use either a Nikon 35mm, 18-55 VRII or 18-135mm zoom for landscapes and 70-300mm for wildlife or anything way out there. Currently posted are some NextGEN WordPress galleries starting in 2014 taken with the Nikon D5100. I also have an additional gallery in the Star Trails section and have a link to my old Central Washington Wildflower gallery here and on the “Photo Galleries” page.

wildflowers - glacier lily

Glacier Lily on Bethel Ridge

I have written some tutorials on how I photograph wildflowers that may be helpful if you are just starting in this hobby. So follow the menu above. I am also an amateur astronomy and have a couple pages devoted to that. Hopefully you will enjoy the information and images and this will inspire you to dig out the camera and take some wildflower pictures or maybe help identify some wildflowers in pictures you have taken already, enjoy – Bruce Perrault

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