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My email is not hotlinked
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Precise Engine Repair
(Closed 6 / 2013)

Briggs & Stratton MST Welcome to the web home of Bruce and Pauletta Perrault. We retired and closed Precise Engine Repair on June 30th 2013, after I spent 46 years in the small engine industry, starting my career in 1967 working for a small engine service distributor in Yakima WA. As you can see, we have now combined many of our various websites onto the page. I'm in the process of placing all our web pages into one place, to make it easier to keep track of everything. You will find links to the pages I intend to keep active on the right. Pauletta and I want to thank everyone who has been a customer of ours since we started selling on the internet in 1999. We have witnessed many changes in the internet over the years as it grew to the behemoth it is now. We both hope that we have made some friends along the way and helped get your small engines going again.

We still maintain 27 informational articles in our Precise Engine Repair Notebook for your benefit and enjoyment, along with a page on Onan engines for your information. Since 2001, we have hosted three small engine technical forums. We closed the third forum on December 31st, 2012 after our retirement. Our first forum was a bulletin board started in January, 2001 and quite limited in what it could do. The second forum was started in January, 2005 and accumulated 57,489 posts. The third forum started December 1st, 2008 and had 85,555 posts and 6470 members when it closed on December 31st, 2013 and became read only until April 1,2014 at which time it was removed from the internet. The "Technical Forum" button in the upper right links to a new technical forum that was started by members of our third forum. We no longer maintain a forum, web store or sell small engine parts via the internet.

The Cowiche Astronomer

Cowiche Observatory opened I've been an amateur astronomer ever since the Russian Sputniks were flying over in the 1950's. My family bought an Edmund 4-1/4" telescope in the late 50's and I was hooked. I have been actively involved in astronomy in the Yakima area since the 70's and have my own observatory with a 13.1" telescope. I try to get out and observe with the telescope whenever the weather is cooperative and can also look at sunspots during the day with my telescope using a special solar filter.

My first web page was The Cowiche Astronomer started in 1995, after I had connected to the internet with a dialup modem, using Windows 95 and Netscape (ancient history). The internet has seen many changes since then, but I still have a revised version of my original page that is a home base for most of my astronomy hobby. If you enjoy astronomy, please check it out, along with some of my other astronomy pages and enjoy the fascination of a dark sky full of stars. I also enjoy photographing Star Trails. An accurate NIST time clock is shown on the right. I use it for timing celestial events. Clear skies to you.

Central Washington Wildflowers

Sticky Geranium I have been an amateur photographer for much of my adult life, having purchase my first real camera in the early 70's, a Pentax Spotmatic II. With this SLR type film camera, I really started learning how a camera works and how to adjust it to take wonderful pictures. Weather Underground PWS KWATIETO2 About 15 years ago I started seriously photographing wildflowers and landscapes. That opened up a whole new world for me. Not only were they beautiful, but were in some of the places that I cherished most. I started combining my hiking and photographing interests whenever I could. I especially cherish the Sagebrush Steppe areas near our home and hike these often. In the Springtime, they are covered with wildflowers of every color, like this Sticky Geranium. I've included a local weather indicator to help keep an eye on the wind, which can greatly affect wildflower closeups.

I purchase my first digital camera in 2003 and started taking pictures that could be easily put on the internet. Before this I had to scan prints I had made and although it worked was much more time consuming, by the time I received the printed pictures from the processor. After trying several ways of putting up galleries on the web, I eventually settled on the excellent jAlbum software I use now. If you enjoy nature photography, especially wildflowers, visit my Central Washington Wildflowers website. Included are 1400+ images in 17 Photo Galleries. In 2014, I started some new NextGEN Wordpress galleries which can be accessed by hovering your mouse over "PHOTO GALLERIES".

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